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  All Products  »  Stationery  » Glue  » 3x ELMER'S Glue-All _ 4FL OZ
3x ELMER'S Glue-All _ 4FL OZ
3x ELMER'S Glue-All _ 4FL OZ       3x ELMER'S Glue-All _ 4FL OZ       
Item ID: 049-0013
Item Name: 3x ELMER'S Glue-All _ 4FL OZ
Our Price: USD 17.50  *Shipping Cost Included
Ships to: Worldwide

ELMER'S Glue-All 

4FL OZ (118mL)

Product Description:

Elmer’s is proud to bring you the Improved Elmer’s Glue-All. It is America’s favorite multi-purpose glue. Elmer's Glue-All is perfect for household repairs, craft and school projects. It works on a variety of surfaces like paper, wood, fabric, leather, and ceramics and is a must-have for the kitchen, den, workshop and garage. It dries fast and is safe and non-toxic. Glue-All is stronger than ever before—so go ahead—glue all.

Quantity : 3 pcs




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